Nimitz Wins First Annual PVAMU Stock Trade

Nimitz Stock Traders Win Big at PVAMU
Posted on 02/05/2019

Nimitz High School, the First annual Prairie View University stock trading competition Champions, sponsored by Charles Schwab won the  $1000 prize.  The team celebrates bringing the trophy Home to Nimitz!

Stock Team

(Officers featured in main page photo: Jaritza Ordonez, Lisseth Monterrosa-Castillo, Sohpia Alvarado, Emmanuel Montalvo, Jose Nevarez, Jonathan Myers)

Nimitz Students, Lubianka Lanza and Emmanuel Montalvo learning about the Bloomberg Stock Analysis Platform:
Bloomberg Program

Reign Christian, Arturo Sanchez and Ariely Rubio, recognizing some of the companies going by on the ticker tape:
Ticker tape

Jose Nevarez, Lisseth Monterrosa-Castillo, Destiny Thomas, Jonathan Meyers:
Team presentation

Lisseth Monterrosa-Castillo, Ariely Rubio, Sophia Alvarado, Jaritza Ordonez, Destiny Thomas, Lubianka Lanza Alvarez
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