Tutorials & Testing

2017-2018 Spring Semester Tutoring Schedule




Tutorials are from 2:45 pm to 5:10 pm Monday through Thursday. 

Monday - English/Language Arts
Tuesday - Math
Wednesday - Social Studies
Wednesday - Athletics Tutorials (check with coaches)
Thursday - Science

Teachers may provide tutorials as needed on other days.

Elective Courses - check with teacher

Testing Days

Tuesday/Wednesday - English/Language Arts
Wednesday/Thursday - Math
Thursday/Friday - Social Studies
Friday/Monday - Science
Testing days vary for Elective Courses


No Early ReleaseParents will NOT be allowed to pick students up early during TAKS/STAAR testing unless it is an emergency.

Because of the importance of these tests, we are asking that you do not make appointments for your student on these testing dates. The classrooms cannot be disturbed while students are testing. We will not be able to enter a classroom to get your student to check out of school early on any of these days. Thank you for your continued support for our academic success at Nimitz High School.