Acceptable Use Policy - Students

Below is the Acceptable Use Policy that was approved by the School Board. One of the changes to the Student AUP is that parents are not required to sign a consent form for their student to be allowed to use the Internet. Instead, they must sign a waiver form if they do not want their student to have access to the Internet and submit the form to the campus. 

If you agree to allow your child access at school to the Internet and to Email, you do not need to complete this form. If you want your student to be DENIED INTERNET AND EMAIL ACCESS please submit the form below to the Registrar's Office.

Student Acceptable Use Policy - English

Student Acceptable Use Policy - Spanish

Student Internet/Email Reinstatement Form - English

Student Internet/Email Reinstatement Form - Spanish

Photo Permission Form

Student Photo Permission Form

VOE Forms

Please contact the registrar to receive your VOE  (Verification of Enrollment). Remember, you cannot have any NGs if you need a VOE form.

Contact: Selena Jimenez, Registrar
(281) 233-4346
(281) 209-8256