Instructional Intervention: Re-Teach/Reassess

Re‐teaching and reassessment are appropriate for all instructional objectives assessed as major grades as recorded in the teacher’s gradebook regardless of the original assessment grade. It should be a continuous and ongoing component of every regular course. Students in Dual Credit, Advanced Placement, and IB courses will not have the opportunity for reassessment although teachers are expected to provide reteaching as needed. The teacher is required to provide reteaching and reassessment opportunities for all students scoring below 70% on a major grade in regular courses.  

The original and the reassessment grade must be documented in the teacher’s grade book score notes. Only the higher of the two grades will be placed in the grade book when averaging grades for the reporting period.  

Re‐teaching for individual or small groups of students will occur during specified times, such as class time or before or after school, in accordance with the campus Reteach and Reassessment Policy Plan. Teachers must provide differentiated instruction during regular class time if more than 30% of students fail to demonstrate mastery on an assessment.  

Reassessment must occur on major grades. The evidence of reassessment must be documented in the score notes of the teacher’s grade book including both the original and reassessment grade.  

In order for students to receive reassessment options, students must turn in major grade assignments and projects by the actual due date.  

Reassessment must be completed within two weeks of the original assessment. Students must follow reteach and reassessment schedule developed by the home campus.  

Students are expected to take all assessments on the specified test day. Those who refuse to take the test on the specified test day will receive a 0 and will not have an opportunity to reassess. (Exception: Parent note stating student had extenuating circumstances such as illness, death, family related issues, etc.).  

Each campus will develop a plan for monitoring the implementation of the Reteach and Reassessment Policy.  

Reassessment of major grades includes retesting using a different assessment or product 

This information can be found in the Aldine ISD Student Handbook Pages 129-130.